Good Landlords Run More Successful Businesses

April 11, 2014


There are an estimated £1.4 million landlords across the UK, around 300,000 in London where I am based.  The latest National Landlords Association quarterly survey of landlords tells us that business expectations among landlords are good or very good and most see a positive outlook for the economy and capital growth across their portfolio.  65% of landlords in the survey were confident that they could cope with bank base rate rises to around 2.5%, which I don’t think we will see until 2018.  The average landlord owns between 2 and 10 properties, yielding [...]

The Evil Landlord

February 17, 2014


Your properties are delivered by the property fairy, requiring no cash input from you.  You have prospective tenants banging down the door in desperation to rent from you.  You charge the highest rent you can possibly get away with, making you a huge profit as you have no mortgage to pay.  You ignore your tenants’ request for repairs and do anything to milk as much money out of the transaction as possible.  You don’t care about housing people, it’s just a business transaction to you.  You have no sense of social justice and [...]

Will Landlords Evict Benefit Tenants?

January 12, 2014


The National Landlord’s Association announced in December 2013 that half of landlords say they will not consider letting to tenants on benefits:  52% according to its latest landlord survey.  Three years ago 46% of landlords let to tenants on benefits, this has fallen to 22%.  To those of us in the business this was not news, but since Sky News broke the story, there has been considerable press interest.  This week Channel 4 News ran a piece on major landlords (pictured), Fergus & Judith Wilson’s decision to [...]

Housing Issues Debate With Diane Abbott

January 10, 2014


Channel 4 News invited Diane Abbott MP and myself to debate housing issues this week.  The discussion included welfare reform and rent controls. You can see the interview by clicking on this blog, then using the link below.  A Youtube version for iphone/ipad is also available under the press section above.
Channel 4 News 9 January 2014

Boxing Day Fun – How To Win Monopoly

December 30, 2013


I grew up on a council estate called Yorke Drive in Newark, Nottinghamshire.  I was back there this Christmas for a walk down memory lane.  I had a modest upbringing, my parents worked in restaurants.  My siblings and I were all keen to get on.  We had paper rounds as soon as we reached the legal age of 14 and by 16 I had a regular shop job whilst studying for my GCSEs and A levels.  My sister Isabel and I used to play Monopoly as children and I loved it.  [...]