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Managing Without A Letting Agent

December 4, 2016

According to NLA research, 57% of landlords use letting agents.  Of these 37% are regular users, 19% occasional users and 22% use full management.  So a big whopping 43% are choosing not to use agents and many will be taking advantage of the wide range of services out there now for this part of the lettings market.
There are many advantages to using a good ARLA or UKALA member letting agent.  If you have a full time job or family commitments or if you live a [...]

Stamp Duty & Letting Agent Fees

November 28, 2016

The latest data from the Office For Budget Responsibility (OBR) shows that stamp duty is really harming the housing market in London. Recent hikes brought in by George Osborne are reducing transactions and the result is that treasury receipts will be lower. The OBR predicts that the government will collect £66.6bn instead of £76.2bn in stamp duty over the next 5 years. Since the 2014 Autumn statement, residential sales over £925,000 have incurred stamp duty rates of 10% and over £1.5 million this rises to 12%. Residential deals over £1million are down by [...]

Hope In Redbridge

September 18, 2016

Cumulative hearts sank when landlords of East London heard that Redbridge was planning to bring in another selective licensing scheme.  Councillors fell foul of new legislation introduced following NLA campaigning in 2015 which meant that schemes covering more than 20% of a boroughs privately rented properties or geography had to seek permission from the Secretary of State.  The Redbridge proposed borough wide scheme failed to gain approval.
Since Newham brought in borough wide additional and selective licensing in January 2013, schemes have spread across London.  Now 19 boroughs either have or are considering implementing [...]

Bank Of England Predicts House Price Fall

August 8, 2016

The Bank of England introduced four measures last week aimed at mitigating the negative economic effects of the referendum result.  The headline grabbing cut in the Bank of England base rate from 0.5% to 0.25% is the first since 2009.  This will have a marginal effect on borrowing costs, but the bank is determined that lenders will pass it on and is providing them with £100 billion called ‘term funding’ provided they do pass on the cut to encourage them to lend.  The bank hopes that a reduction in interest rates will encourage [...]

The End Of The Labour Party

Seeing Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith debating at Cardiff last week has left me pretty certain that the Labour Party as we know it is coming to an end.  Some of the current Labour leader’s policies – like his ambition to build 120,000 council houses per annum – are laudable, others like his opposition to Trident and confirmation that as Prime Minister he would never press the nuclear button owe more to dogma and poor advice.
A recent YouGov poll has shown the Tories have a 14 point lead over Labour, confirming most commentators [...]