List of Press & Media Appearances

Portico Interview, How To Be A Successful Landlord, September 2016

Sky News, 9 May 2016: Comment on House Prices Implications of Brexit

Young Money, 2 April 2016, Share Radio: Tenants’ Contracts & Renters’ Rights

Ask Sarah, 13 February 2016, Share Radio: The Future of Buy To Let

BBC2 Victoria Derbyshire show, 22 January 2016 on rogue landlords (starts at 1:32:30)

Channel 4 News on 15 December 2015

Househunters International broadcast on HGTV (USA & Canada) – Commuting Conundrum in London

Househunters International broadcast on HGTV (USA & Canada) – Houston To Surrey

BBC London Breakfast Show on 18 August 2015 (1:17 in)

BBC Radio Mark Forest Show UK wide on 12 August 2015 (14 mins in)

Before & After Video for TXR Building & Maintenance

Victoria Derbyshire Show on 21 May 2015

London Live! on 28 May 2015

East London & West Essex Guardian Series on 31 October 2014

BBC London Breakfast Show on 22 July 2014 (item starts at 2:21 in)

Sky News 26 July 2014

BBC London 27 July 2014 (item starts at minute 5)

Headline London on London Live 28 July 2014

No Place Like Home 8 Debate on London Live on 29 June 2014

NLA Amateur Landlord Video Campaign

Interview on Channel Radio Property Hour on 24 July 2014

Landlord Life Cycle Video for Total Landlord Solutions

Richard Blanco featured in the Mail On Sunday

Richard Blanco featured on Bloomberg TV

Feature in Independent On Sunday

Feature in The Times Money Section on 7 June 2014

London Loves Business

Richard Blanco’s National Landlords Association Blog

Richard Blanco in Property Reporter

Richard Blanco featured in UK Landlord

Richard Blanco featured in The Times

The Times (website version)

Richard Blanco on ITV Tonight ‘Generation Rent’

Property Investor News, February 2013, Investor Interview

Property Investor News, May 2013, Buying At Auction

Property Investor News, Feb 2014, Auction Hysteria?

Property Investor News, Feb 2014, Top Tips For Avoiding Voids p1

Property Investor News, April 2014, Managing Maintenance p1

Property Investor News, June 2015, Post Election Relief

Channel 4 News on 9 January 2014

Channel 4 News on 14 February 2014

Channel 4 News on 14 February 2014 (video at bottom of page)

Sky News on 9 February 2014

Feature in Access London, April 2014

Richard Blanco in UK Landlord – London Rental Standard

UK Landlord, March 2014, Invest In The Right Property

UK Landlord, March 2014, Buying At Auction Interview, first page

UK Landlord, March 2014, Buying At Auction Interview, second page

NLA Blog  on 16 May 2012: What’s so selective about this licensing?

NLA Blog on 31 July 2012: What makes a successful property business?

NLA Blog on 8 April 2013: Rent Control Is Not The Answer

NLA Blog on 15 August 2013: Housing Market Recovery

NLA Blog on 24 & 25 October 2013: Immigration Bill: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

NLA Blog on 16 January 2014: Will Landlords Evict Benefit Tenants?

NLA Blog on 2 May 2014: Labour Party Housing Policy Is Flawed

NLA Blog on on 8 June 2015: How To Get Started With Buy To Let Financing