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Auction Learning Curve

December 13, 2017

I’ve noticed that whilst building their portfolio, quite a lot of landlords and developers live in a modest home.  Whilst you’re building up your business, it’s difficult to justify putting all of your cash into a splendid house for yourself and your family.  I’ve reached a point where expanding doesn’t seem worthwhile, particularly with section 24 tax changes.  The Prudential Regulation Authority underwiting changes have also made it harder to refinance, the government’s way of applying the handbrake. Luckily I did some refinancing before the changes […]

Auction Hysteria

December 13, 2013

"I bought at auction in early September this year and I paid a few thousand more than I wanted to.  I was a bit irked, but I wanted a project, was ready to buy and decided that the brief period we’ve had since 2009 when you could get a bargain in some parts of London was well and truly over.  Back in September,  I bid on Lot 1 and unusually sat on the front row because I wanted to stay focus and didn’t […]

Fizzy Auction

June 7, 2012

Woman at property auctionI went to an auction last week and it was very busy.  Interesting.  We’ve just gone into the double dip of the recession, Spain is about to be bailed out by the IMF and EU and I think we’re about to see the break up of the eurozone, beginning of course with Greece after their next election.  So why are there so many hungry buyers around?  They were not just developers – there were some owner occupiers about too.
I was after three […]

All the fun of the auction

March 25, 2012

auction hammerI had a surprisingly fun sunny Saturday afternoon looking at auction properties this weekend.  Subsidence cracks has been the theme of the week.  You know what they say, if it’s gone to auction “there must be trouble.”
The first property I saw was a two bed terrace whose garden wall backed onto a cemetery.  A young couple and their two children who were living there kindly let me in to have look around.   It was extraordinary opening the bathroom window at the rear of the […]