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Jeremy Corbyn & Your Property Business

October 10, 2015

Many in the landlord community viewed Ed Milliband’s proposals for the private rented sector with derision and after a short post election honeymoon period we have been digesting surprise tax changes from George Osborne’s Summer budget.  Next the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party leader, described by party heavyweight Lord Faulkner as “a political earthquake.”  In the run up to the May 2015 election National Landlords Association colleagues and I jousted through a string of media interviews rebutting proposals for increased regulation.  I remember […]

After The Budget

July 16, 2015

The chancellor pulled a number of rabbits out of the hat in his Summer 2015 budget statement.  Although many column inches had been dedicated to the loss of buy to let tax ‘perks,’ the landlord community was not expecting the measure to actually materialise.  Until April 2017, landlords will be able to set all mortgage finance costs against rental income, but thereafter relief will only be applicable at the basic tax rate, albeit phased in over 4 years.  The big questions are who will this […]

Will Landlords Evict Benefit Tenants?

January 12, 2014

The National Landlord’s Association announced in December 2013 that half of landlords say they will not consider letting to tenants on benefits:  52% according to its latest landlord survey.  Three years ago 46% of landlords let to tenants on benefits, this has fallen to 22%.  To those of us in the business this was not news, but since Sky News broke the story, there has been considerable press interest.  This week Channel 4 News ran a piece on major […]

Housing Issues Debate With Diane Abbott

January 10, 2014

Channel 4 News invited Diane Abbott MP and myself to debate housing issues this week.  The discussion included welfare reform and rent controls. You can see the interview by clicking on this blog, then using the link below.  A Youtube version for iphone/ipad is also available under the press section above.
Channel 4 News 9 January 2014

Rent Controls Are Not The Answer

April 16, 2013

There has been a worrying increase in calls for rent controls recently. The Labour Party Private Housing Policy Review in December 2012 calls for annual indexation of rent increases once the initial rent has been set. More worryingly, MPs such as Jeremy Corbyn and this week David Lammy seem to be calling for a return to something akin to 1970s housing policy. Lammy’s comments were in response to the introduction of Universal Credit in four London boroughs on 15 April 2013 where the total welfare […]