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Hope In Redbridge

September 18, 2016

Cumulative hearts sank when landlords of East London heard that Redbridge was planning to bring in another selective licensing scheme.  Councillors fell foul of new legislation introduced following NLA campaigning in 2015 which meant that schemes covering more than 20% of a boroughs privately rented properties or geography had to seek permission from the Secretary of State.  The Redbridge proposed borough wide scheme failed to gain approval.
Since Newham brought in borough wide additional and selective licensing in January 2013, schemes have spread across London.  Now […]

London Councils Continue To Ban Sharers

July 30, 2015

Whenever I tell people who are not versed in the intricacies (or lunacies) of housing policy that four north east London boroughs have banned landlords from letting to sharers, they respond with disbelief.  How can a council be allowed to tell you who you can rent a property to?  And why should they discriminate between people who are related and unrelated.  This little known law was created in 2010, when out-going Labour Secretary of State John Denham created a new planning use class C4.  Sounds […]

The Biggest 12 Risks For First Time Landlords

May 6, 2015

Property can be like a game of snakes and landlords. When you’re new to the business hopefully you will climb a few ladders, but you can be particularly vulnerable to slithering down the occasional snake.  Here are my tops tips for avoiding the pitfalls.
1. Tempted By New Build
NLA research tells us that 80% of smaller landlords with between one and four properties have new builds.  These shiny new properties can be very tempting particularly when they are promoted by skilled marketing teams.  Buyers are often […]

London Sharers Face Housing Time Bomb

July 11, 2014

Last week I took part in a debate on the new TV channel London Live.  25 year old Alice Carder had made a documentary ‘No Place Like Home’ which charted the plight of young Londoners trying to find housing they could afford.  One important option is house sharing.  Many of London’s 300,000 landlords provide good quality housing for sharers who sign a joint tenancy agreement and share the rent.  Sensible lenders will also provide buy to let mortgages where there are up to four people […]

Debating Housing Policy

March 24, 2013

I chair the regular NLA London Regional seminar sponsored by Edmund Cude at the Institute of Directors.  This month we were looking at the un-joined-up housing policy of the current government, proposals from shadow housing minister Jack Dromey MP, welfare reform impacts in Hackney presented by Jennifer Wynter and realistic strategies for dealing with rogue landlords.  Mira Bar-Hillel from the Evening Standard joined us for the panel discussion to stir things up.
My thesis on un-joined up housing policy consisted of a critical analysis of some […]